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EVAL-CN0397-ARDZ Evaluation Board for the CN0397 an Intelligent Detection System for Visible Light Recognition and Detection - Analog Devices
IR LEDs and Proximity Sensors and Ambient Light
TPL577x Series of GaAIAs and Photo-Integrated Infrared LEDs
TDM3700 Proximity Detector and Color Sensor
VCNL4100 Proximity Sensor and Ambient Light (Vishay)
TPS2H160 Q1 Intelligent High Side Switch for Power Management C
TPS7A89 LDO Regulator with Energy Management
PSP01 100mm Motorized Slide Potentiometers (COM168E)
New tinyAVR® MCUs Increase System Throughput While Lowering Power Consumption in Embedded Applications
INA240 – Zero Drift Sensors Amplifiers (COM167E)
PH08xxCNL Planar Coil Transformers (COM166E)
LDC2114EVM Inductive Touch Evaluation Module (COM165E)
SP1043 SP1044 SP1045 TVS Diodes Array (COM164E)
P7 CoolMOS ™ Power Transistors (COM196E)
MAX14001 and MAX14002 Analog to Digital Converters (COM193E)
TPS54200 LED Synchronized Buck Driver (COM195E)
DG Series of Glass Thermistors (COM194E)
RSC TruStability ™ Pressure Sensor Mounting Board (COM197E)
INA240EVM Current Sensor Evaluation Module (COM192E)
DO-214AB Protection Thyristors (COM191E)
Microphones PMO (COM190E)
Microchip Debuts Advanced Motor Control Tool with Auto Tuning and Self-Commissioning Capability
TPS7A19 Linear Regulator with Low Voltage Drop (COM189E)
Family of Live Updateable Controllers for Digital Power Expanded
Bq35100 Battery Monitor and EOS (COM188E)